One of "those" moments..

So... Charlie was being so fussy earlier this morning. I've only done it maybe 3 times but I had to just put him in his crib and walk away. He was dry, fed, burped.. I just couldn't handle it and was trying to work. I heard him crying for a few minutes.. I waited. I let it go for a few more minutes... still crying.

After a full 10 minutes when he didn't fall asleep I gave up and went in there and picked him up. He had that little quivery lower lips thing happening that makes me feel like someone put my soul through a juicer.

I sat on the couch with him and rocked a bit and he fell right asleep. I feel awful for being impatient with him. I did it right, I put him down and walked away before it overwhelmed me. And then this warmness came over me like.. silly mom, this is why you're here. So.. now he's passed out next to me with his leg tangled up in my arm.. snoring a bit. It was just one of those.. "oh yeah, he's important.. nothing else is".. moments.

    You did just the right thing, and don't feel bad about it! You are a human being, and even though you are there for your son, there are moments when you just need a break!
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