Tired, Tired, Always Tired

Ever since my last month of being pregnant, I've been tired, all the time, no matter how much or how little I sleep or exercise or anything. I know, it's to be expected with a baby, but even on the easy days, my bursts of energy don't last very long. I'm...well, I'm getting tired of being tired! A little while ago, Trevor was home for his Lunch break and we took a short nap on the floor while Nina was settling down for her nap (she won't go to sleep if we're in the room, even if we're trying to nap, too), and now I'm even MORE tired lol. It doesn't help that I could nap in my free time, such as while Nina is napping...aka now. But then I'd feel like I have almost no "Me" time at all. I'd just spend my entire day sleeping and taking care of everyone except myself. So the cycle continues of waking up early, playing with nina for hours until daddy gets home for lunch and then its nap time for her for 2-3 hours, during which I get some daytime mommy time, and then she wakes up and daddy gets home for the day and its time to take care of both of them until they go to bed, and then I stay up late trying to have a little bit of last minute fun, and then it starts all over again!

That meme I saw wasn't kidding when it said "Being an adult/parent: if you're not tired, you're probably not doing it right!"

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    I was so dang tired when I was pregnant. I would come to visit the bf, he'd have all kinds of great things planned and I'd be like..nah, let's nap! lol. The first month or so was torture.. but at 4 months things are evening out. Charlie has been sleeping through the night for 2 months now, so we're able to have a sort of routine.

    Maybe talk to your doctor? I'm no nurse but years ago all I did was sleep. No kids at the time so that wasn't the problem. They did some tests and found an issue with my thyroid. If you're concerned you might want to see your physician.
    I also have tiredness/thyroid issues that I didn't have before my pregnancy, so I too advise a doctor, just to be sure.
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      Could your iron be low? Parenting is tiring physically, mentally and emotionally.
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