clingy baby

Looks like princess isnt feeling so great today, if i leave the room or put her down and walk away she starts crying. She was put on a new formula, and has spit up 3 times, once being IN MY EAR! and i think her top teeth are coming, thank god for nap time and the SO who helped me get house work done that i have been trying to get done all day. was hoping she would take a longer nap too, but no sooner did we finish, she woke up and started crying to be held again. She doesnt want daddy at all, which i think hurts his feelings a little, she just wants mommy, and if i put her down she will follow me and try crawling up my legs until i pick her up

    Days like that are tough. I'm glad your SO was there to help a bit, but sometimes only mommy will do!
      8Theresa Gould
      Aww...hope she feels better soon!
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