Dependent Dads

I was wondering if anyone else has this issue. It seems like my husband sometimes can be to dependent on me to remember when our daughter ate last. Or I'll ask him what time did she eat, so I know when she gets fussy whether its due to being hungry or not, his responds normally is about 2ish. So I'll ask, what does 2ish mean. He says between 2 and 2:30. And then he looks at me like I'm weird. My husband is a wonderful dad, and would do anything and everything for our daughter, but sometimes I don't know about him lol

    Um, Malinda, I think your husband is like 90% of men in this regard! Not to say it is a good thing, mind you...I often feel like we "enable" the men in our lives to be that way b/c they know we will be on top of things.
      My husband never gives me exact times either. I think I want times because they were so important while breastfeeding. I just got into the habit of timing everything, so when my husband doesn't know exact times, it drives me nuts too.
        8Theresa Gould
        Yeah, I don't think mine really takes notice of those kinds of things either.
          I have a notebook that we keep a long of different things written down. It's color coordinated so I could point out the concerns I had to her doctors, and his response was that's stupid to have all those colors, especially in the middle of the night. Mind you Bailey has been sleeping all night long since she's been about 2 months lol. He's funny but he's a such a good daddy to our baby girl .
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