Farm thoughts are in my head!

We have so much going on right now that the farm is pretty much filling my thoughts. Here is a bit of a run down:

- We moved the broilers out since it is suppose to be warm the next couple of days. Our garage needed to be aired out and their brooders (stock tanks) needed to be cleaned because our boys got behind on that task.
- Miss Moo was bred again a couple of days ago. Hoping this pregnancy takes. Our vet was kind and didn't even charge us since we've AI'd her so many times.
- Our son's first lamb is due to come home. We have the pasture done but not the stall.
- We found out Miss Moo's daughter is for sale and decided to buy her. We feel the "investment" (investment makes me feel better!) is worth it, in case Miss Moo cannot be bred. We have a retirement plan in mind for her if she cannot be bred.
- We got more weeding done.
- We purchased 9 Holland turkeys from our farmer friend/neighbor. Not sure we'll buy anymore or not. I had wanted to raise 50-60 this year. (Doubled from last year.)
- We have seeds to plant and figure out how to house them since we don't have a greenhouse.

There's probably more but I won't bore you with anymore details! :)

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