Another neighbor story

We had a neighbor stop by today and offer us fallen apples from their little orchard for our horse and cow this summer/fall. And she wanted to trade her extra veggies for eggs. We said sure, even though we'll be growing our own veggies, this will kind of safe guard us if we have any crop failures! Always good to have a backup plan, right?

We've been here nearly three years so it's nice to get to know some of our neighbors a bit better, seeing as we really don't have that many! ;)

Are you close to any of your neighbors?

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
    Aw.. I love that Theresa.. sounds like you guys are blessed with sweet ones!

    We are as well.. amazing neighbors! A retired couple behind us, they are so sweet.. before I went into labor, they knew my due date and would call to check on me and let me know they would be more than happy to take me to the hospital if Ryan was at work.. they came to see Monroe right away too.. The neighbors next to us are so sweet too.. came and brought gifts, we always chat outside! And another neighbor behind us.. they are a younger couple, like us.. they are due to have a baby boy ANY day now! :) I love our neighborhood!
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