One day I am going to write a book and title it "Don't Lick the Walls...And Other Conversations I Never Thought I'd Have"
My days seem to be full of these conversations...don't lick the walls, don't put your food in your ears, don't drink out of the toilet, don't eat out of the garbage can.
Things I never had the occasion to say before becoming a mother! Lol

    8Theresa Gould
    What a great book title! I hope you do write it! It's amazing the conversations we have as mothers.
      I have actually been sitting here working on it!
      Lol I thought mine was the only one that licked is good to know he's not the only one :-)
        Oh and "dirt is not food" "keep your pants on in public please" lol
        Boys are funny creatures for sure. I'm glad I'm not a boy given what their rights of passage seem to be. Lol
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