My kids leave for a week tomorrow!!!

I'm both looking forward to it and not.. they're going to NY and they are going to have a BLAST and I'm sic excited for the.. it's 6 nights.. it's long.. and I know I'll get antsy about 4.. as I always do..

When they first started going with their dad for longer trips.. I always made all of these plans.. to see friends, hike, movies and do all the things I was unable to do when they're here.. but now I know better.. I know now NOT to over schedule myself.. cause the thing I like most to do.. is watch movies in the middle of the day.. lol.. is that weird?

I just don't get to watch my shows when they're around.. and never during the day.. ever.. and something about coming home from dropping them off at the airport, working out and then coming home and sitting on the couch.. alone.. with the shades open just a bit, a breeze coming in, iced tea.. my phone games, snacks.. and to just.... relax.. all while I worry about their plane.. lol...

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