Playing "games"....

OMG!! My 12 year old managed to get his feelings in a bunch over something I said last night and for what ever reason my husband jumped me about it in front of the kids. So for the last 24 hours, said 12 year old has been playing the victim over EVERY thing that I say ( I guess in hopes of getting me in trouble with daddy again). I caught on to it earlier this afternoon and daddy didn't want to believe me. Now he does!!

5Mary HuntBelleview, Florida
    5Mary Hunt
    It's a flaw in the husband code for him. For whatever reason, he never sees himself as ever being in the wrong and feels that he should be able to "correct" me anywhere that he pleases. It's the one thing that causes issues in our house. Luckily it doesn't happen often. He finally picked up on what Kurtis was doing and he got in trouble and was reminded that I'm an adult and he needs to respect me. Of course I was doing my best not to laugh out loud and remind him that in order for them to respect me that he can't disrespect me in front of them! Ugh. Just glad that it's over for the time being.
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