Switch my room with kids???

Two bedroom apartment. One bathroom in the muddle hallway. Kids chose and agreed which room they wanted. Sweet.

Mine ended up being a little larger. Not much. Maybe a half a twin beds worth wider nothing significant. But I wonder if that that small amount would give kids more space.

I have two twin beds in one room in and L shape.. And two desks.. Their space is packed.

Wondering if its worth it to swap rooms. It's a lot if work. And then what if I hate it?? What if kids hate it?

I dunno. Anyone done a big task like this before?

    Man, hard choice. Martha Stewart has a tip to make the shapes of your furniture out of flat cardboard and use that to arrange your furniture. Maybe if you do that, you can see if the kids would have that much more room without the heavy lifting? Easier in an empty room, I suppose, but maybe?
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