How far will you drive for a vacation?

Another thread made me think of this. When we went to Disney it was a pretty quick plane ride. It's so expensive to fly for the three of us though so if we ever went back I would definitely drive. That's a LONG drive from VA though, last time I googled it was a 15 to 18 hour drive. Not terrible, but not sure it's worth it.

How far are you willing to drive for vacation with your kids?

    Right now, probably only about four hours, which is as far away as the farthest set of grandparents, and even this would have to be attempted overnight. Madeleine does not like being in the car for very long.
      It depends a lot on where we are going and how long we will be there. My parents live about 9-10 hours away right now and we drive up/home to them pretty frequently with all 3. I would for sure do the 15-18 for a week in Disney, but not anything short term. I would probably break it up into a 2 day trip though!!
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