Older kids and tantrums

It seems to me like as my children got older I could squelch the tantrums a whole lot faster but getting eye level and talking in a soft voice. They had to be quiet to hear me and it seemed to have a calming effect on them.

I always made the rules well known though. Stay with me, don't ask for a million things and use manners. I was not above giving them a quick reminder before we went into a store.

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    I love this idea and hope to do it this way too!
      I find tantrums with my 4 year old are pretty few and far between when we are out. Usually I'm able to reason with him enough to keep him under control even if he's not happy about it. On the occasion we do have a melt down, I remind him that we are out in public and that behavior isn't OK, that I know he's upset and that's fine but he can't be acting like that
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