Gingers don't have souls

Bub is a redhead and has just learned what the word "ginger" means in relation to that. When he asked me about the stupid saying gingers have no souls I thought oh no. He's such a literal kid (my aspie) and I wasn't sure how to explain that it's just a stupid saying.

He not only got it, but thinks it's funny as heck. He'll do something like leave his dirty socks laying around and I will fuss at him. He'll look at me, grinning and say "I can't help it mom. Gingers have no soullllls. I have to leave my dirty socks laying around!"

Gotta love these silly kids.

    That's really cute, and a good way to handle it. I feel like the anti-ginger craze came about when my brothers were young, and although I am not, they are both full-fledged gingers. My youngest owns it, but my middle brother is bothered by it at times.
    I dye it, lol. I'd love to have it occur naturally, but alas, my hair is straight up brown. My middle brother, however, looks like Ron Weasley with redder hair, somehow.
      I'm so glad he isn't bothered by it and is having fun with it instead :)

      I've actually never even heard that saying!
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