MMR Vaccination Schedule

I think we received ours at 12 months. The CDC recommends anywhere between 12-47 months. This article explains further:…

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    I think we got ours around 12 months too... Which reminds me it's time to schedule Hayden's appointment!!
      Up to this point we too have followed the standard schedule provided by the pediatrician but as far as the MMR shot goes I will be delaying in until the twins are 2. I don't really know if there is anything to it but I read an article a while back (before I got pregnant) that stated the risk factor for autism drops after the age of 2 and with all the buzz that supposedly linked certain vaccines with autism I figured what could it hurt to wait a few months...I know they have basically debunked the so called research linking vaccines to autism stating the data the doctor used was false but unfortunately once the seed is planted there's no turning back.
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