Yes pacify

My son has had a NUK since he was 3 days old, He's almost 3 months. Its a big comfort to him. It also helps to prevent SIDS. I am a huge fan of them because it makes him happy and is an easy way to help him calm down when he is really upset. Also when he is older I can take them away. I can't take away his thumbs...

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    So true about the thumbs!! None of mine have ever taken a pacifier... and so far I don't have any thumb suckers either - kinda the best of both worlds!
      It might sound crazy but I wish my son would have taken a pacifier when he was a baby. He used me as one instead. But now I am glad that I didn't have to break the habit. It is hard for them when it needs to go.
      Sounds like my little man...too busy flirting to worry about anything else. lol
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