Facebook... and Venting... Sorry...

Is it weird that we are NOT putting any pictures of our son on facebook?
I am not putting any of him on here either... but I have a lot of people asking why hes not on there and asking whats wrong with him.

There isn't anything wrong with our son! NO we are not ashamed of him. He is perfect and beautiful and OMG so stinkin cute I can't stand it! BUT we are not putting pictures of him on FB we don't want him on there If you want to see him come over and see him. I have hundreds of pictures of him but he doesn't need to be on the internet for ALL to see. Even though I have security on my FB stuff people can still get around it!!! AHHH people can't you respect us and understand that we dont want our lil man out there for all to see! Sorry if you don't like our "old school" way of doing things but I dont care! DOnt judge us because we dont put a million pictures of him on FB everyday! Ahhh UG! If you want to see him come over and see him we are home ALL THE TIME!!!

UG! sorry but thanks for letting me vent...

    I don't think that's unreasonable at all. Thankfully, I have family and friends that respect our privacy, but I have heard of lots of people that want to keep their pictures private and only share with friends... but then have inlaws or aunts or uncles or someone copy them and share publicly.
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        i dont on face book either , nor myself
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