How to heal depression without meds

I have dealt with depression for many years, so I have found a few things that help to treat it. Antidepressants are off the table for me because I'm in that group of people who antidepressants make me suicidal. I'm not a fan of medication anyway, so I have found more natural treatments.

The biggest help for me is preventive maintenance. It's much easier to find motivation to take the necessary steps when I feel sadness and emptiness coming on, then once I'm down in a deep dark hole where I just want to lay in bed.

As someone on here already mentioned, open the curtains and let the light in! I'm a big fan of grey, rainy days and blackout curtains, depressed or not. But, when I need to get the dopamine and serotonin flowing- sunlight and fresh air does wonders.

Get moving! Exercise lowers the stress hormone cortisol and naturally raises levels of energy and happiness. Even if it's just a walk around the block. Or a 7 minute workout (get the app! It is free and awesome!) Objects in motion stay in motion... It might give you a motivation boost!

Eat healthy. Not saying you can't have a good cry and some Haagen Daaz, but getting some good food in your system not only gives you energy, it can make you feel proud of yourself which can really, really help.

Visit with a friend if you can. Someone who doesn't bring you down. Just have a lunch or invite them on a walk. Even a phone call can help. Don't spend the whole time complaining... Use it as a chance to reconnect, listen, and switch your focus.

As for supplements, there is a form of lithium you can buy at the health food store. It is not quite the same sort used for treating manic depression/bipolar, but it seems to work as a mood stabilizer for me.

Meditate. It helps. Even if it is just 10 min a day.
And last but certainly not least.... Find acceptance. Change what you can and breathe through the rest... You will feel better, so just hang on and keep your chin up. Don't beat yourself up. Love yourself, you're worth it.

Moms Expertise
    These are all great ideas... but sometimes it does take meds to get one out of the funk...especially is REALLY bad... I know from exprience!
    I wish meds worked for me sometimes. I feel like I'd have years of my life back if they did. I've tried literally almost everything on the market when it comes to depression, including experimental combos of meds that aren't necessarily meant for depression, and the pills (forgot what they're called) that are supposed to boost the effectiveness of normal depression pills. They all make it way, way worse. Alternative methods were my only option.

    Since you know from experience though, I want to say I'm sorry you've felt that sort of depression. No one should ever, ever have to feel that way.

    I'm glad that you seem to be happy now though! Takes a strong woman to overcome deep depression no matter how you go about it. Sometimes even the motivation to take the meds is hard to muster as I remember.
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