baby boo boos

so apparently my son is going to take after me and need tons of band aids. The other day i posted he got a papercut while i was reading to him. totally didnt plan for that to happened. well today as i was putting him down for a nap i noticed he had blood all over his pinky toe. i washed it off and saw two little marks on the side of his toe and a cut on the bottom of the toe. where the heck he got cut i do not know i feed him, changed him and put him in his jumper then held him for a little bit. So heres my question his toes and fingers are so little that the band aids i use are way to big and are hard to put on, do they make band aids for babies? i know they make them for kids but i didnt know if those would be to big too.

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    i totally understand the choking hazard of the band aid, it just wasnt stopping and he was tired. the his wrapped up where his hands or feet cant get to his mouth at the moment he has proven to be a little magician but i have the moniter on and i constantly check it because im a worry wart. I never thought i would need band aids either because im such a worry wart and do everything i can for him not to get hurt but mysterious cuts and bruise run in my family i guess he is just following him momma and grandpa. Im gonna have to put bubble wrap on everything in my house i can see it now when he is older. Band aid is gonna make a lot of money off me
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