Stressful Day

It's been an emotional day. Hubby and I had a blow up again. It's been really hard living hand to mouth in a cramped little space but things might be about to turn around. We ended up having a good heart to heart and I'm hoping if we work together we can get things back on track with our relationship as well as with our finances. I have high hopes for our little family.
Sorry I guess I just needed to vent a little. I just feel so drained.

    I am sending you a hug all the way from MN. Yes it can get stressful. That's what happens when we have to grow up. If it helps set small goals as individuals and as a couple. Tell each other everyday that you love each other. Give each other a hug everyday. Remind each other that its the little things that count. There are lots of things you can do together that dont cost any money. Go for a walk, if possible go for a walk and get some ice cream. MMMmmm. Pack a lunch and go sit in a park and eat it. If you can have Sunday be family day. Try to use cash as much as possible take the change and put it in a jar and save it when you have enough have a date night. That will give you some thing to look forward to. Dont feel bad if you need "alone time" even if its for an hour just to get out of the house is all you need.

    Keep your head up and it will get better.
    Hugs :)
      Thanks everybody these are some great ideas. We already make Sundays family days and we agree that now we're going to have some more money coming in we need to make one night a week a date night where we do something special together. Whether it's go out for dinner, a movie, bowling, just something together.
      That and we've decided we're going to make the effort to turn off technology at night a bit more so that we can focus on each other and our son.
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