Socotra Island, Yemen- "Island of Bliss!" or Netherlands Antilles... Let's go!

The first step in my ideal island vacation would be to bring LOTS of sunscreen. SPF 100+ or I'd fry like a lobster... Then the fun could begin!

I think I'd like to go the Netherland Antilles or Socotra Island, Yemen, which according to DarkRoasted comes from the Sanskrit for “Island of Bliss.”

I love the culture of the Netherlands... Very open, honest, and real. The Antilles look like a lot of fun. Very cute, brightly painted buildings, big bridges... and they have a 'floating market' which is a bunch of boats who come and sell goods, which I think is really neat. You can also go check out the ostriches, swim with the dolphins, and explore the Hato Caves! The Hato Caves are full of fruit bats which I think would be really neat to see. Overall, it seems like a small, pretty natural place with gorgeous beaches. Hopefully the sun wouldn't be too bright, and it would be full of lots of exploring and relaxation. I don't imagine they get a ton of tourists, so it wouldn't be as crowded as some of the more popular islands like Hawaii.

And... Socotra Island, Yemen! My friend introduced me to this place and I am just amazed! It has all sorts of plant life and animals that don't exist anywhere else in the world. Since it's such a small place, secluded from the world, the wildlife developed specifically for that region and looks outta this world.

Here's some pictures on a site that called it “The Most Alien Looking Place on Earth”…

At that same link there's a pic of Al Hajarah, Yemen dubbed “The walled city in the mist” which I think is breathtaking.

If tt feels more foreign and otherworldly than did The Painted Desert in Arizona, I want to be all over that place! I loved looking around at the natural stripes of colors in the whispering winds and feeling like I was on Mars or something. Literally gave me chills, and not because it was cold. Plus, there were lots of Native American rock paintings and it was in the same park as The Petrified Forest, which is one of my favorite places. It was really, really neat to me to touch logs the dinosaurs had also touched!

Back to the islands though.

I would have tons of fun just exploring this little island in Yemen, hopefully learning a little bit about the culture along the way. I'd love to see these crazy, bulbous pink trees in person and the Dragon's Blood trees which were used in medieval magic. And the shipwrecks! I'd love to scuba dive and look at these wonders up close.

They only put in roads two years ago, so it's so natural and preserved... And that's just the sort of isalnd vacation I'd like to have. Relaxing, out of the way, and natural... None of this crazy tourist business, just me, nature, culture, beauty, and peace. I'd love to meditate on these perfect beaches.

What about you? Where's your ideal island vacation?
What would you do while you're there?
Do you like the fun attractions of a tourist beach or the seclusion of an off-the-map sort of natural one?

Socotra Island, Yemen- "Island of Bliss!" or Netherlands Antilles... Let's go!
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    "Visiting Hell" Hahahah, I love it! Hubs and I love to visit interestingly named places just for kicks. We went on our (very overdue) honeymoon to Bat Cave just because of the name. We felt like superheroes. :P
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