I've been SO sick!

So My four year old wakes up one morning (Four days ago now) and says "Mommy, my throat hurts". Me being super mom gets up and consoles him as well as becomes the Home Doctor. I give him some medication and I give him the green light to go back to bed and rest for the day. The next day he feels better BUT, his dad is sick now. So I'm trying to help Dad get through his sickness and pain. The next morning he wakes up and is okay, at least feeling better. NOT ME... I got the worst end of the stick lol. Nauseated, congestion, headaches, fever and chills, can't breathe, no appetite, ... I'm praying I get better. Is this the Flu?

    I have to say thank you to all of the wonderful moms here.. I think all the luck and prayers paid off lol. I've been feeling better. I was the only one with chills and a fever but it is gone.
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