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a fb friend of mine (lets call her Kay) complained during her pregnancy that people needed to stop telling her how pregnancy and birth was, that each persons experience was different and to let her experience it for herself. i understood this, i too had became annoyed when people kept trying to tell me what to expect and upon learning we needed to be induced early telling me how much more painful it would be. well kay ended up scheduling a c section, skipping all the labor and what not to go right to baby. after 21 hours of labor (from 2 to 8cm and active contractions) i had to have a emergency c section and was devastated, i wanted to experience the whole birthing process. kay then had the nerve to tell people to stop whining about c sections hurting, how your numb and medicated and afterwards its just uncomfy. this really got me going as she was once the one saying everyone's labor and birth experience was different. 4months after mine i will get a twinge in the scar. mine had become infected and took long to heal. the emotional part of having her come there after trying so hard to birth her was intense. feeling the tugging as they got her out, smelling the burning of my flesh as they cauterized vessels. it was awful FOR ME and i dont want to it again, i would love the chance to experience the actual process but who knows.

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      I hate it when people act that way regarding c-sections. I did everything I could to avoid having one... I refused being induced and carried to almost 42 weeks. After being in labor for 13 hours I have to have one because I got such a high fever. I was devastated!! Every time I think about it I get upset but at least I have a healthy baby boy. I just hope in the future I dont have to go through a c-section again!
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