Nothing like that first parental scare.
Nina was jumping around on her knees, being fussy, when she fell over and bonked her head on the chair. In an effort to contain the crazy to a small area, we decided to put her in the crib...but as soon as I went to do so, I saw her mouth was full of blood! So. Panic moment, brain malfunction, running back to the living room with Nina in hand going "Trevor! Blood, Nina's bleeding," etc stammer. Trevor panics too and calls 911. Not 5 minutes after calling we realized 911 might have been a little drastic and we should have taken her to the hospital nearby. Ambulance arrives, two very nice EMTs come and check on her, let us know everything looks fine, just to keep her teething stuff in the freezer like I already do to help keep any swelling down. Goddamn panic.

Side-note of clarification: She bit the tip of her tongue really hard, nothing horrific despite my first panicked thoughts.

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