...parents night out!

Mamas.. over the weekend, my hubby and I had a fun night out! From about 6pm to close to midnight.. and Monroe stayed with my sweet Aunt.. who loooves him. Everyone during the night kept asking if I was sad or a wreck when we dropped him off.. and goodness, I felt almost bad, because I was neither! I do think it was because of who we left him with.. I trust my Aunt as much as my own Mom.. she's a retired nurse, had 3 boys of her own and 6 grandkids she is constantly with.. but for a second I was like gosh.. should I have cried or been sad? Ah! I mean I MISSED him a ton.. but I knew he was just fine.. and it was nice to have a night out with my hubby :)

Mamas.. when did you first REALLY go out without baby? Monroe is 2 months.. And did you cry? Were you fine with it? Tell me!

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      12 days old!!! David and I went out for a movie for a good few hours and then dinner. I shed a few tears but other than that we were totally fine. He missed more I think haha. I was fine after a few tears, but David was like 'do you think he's okay?' like every 10 minutes it seemed haha. Don't feel bad, Meg! <3
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