so i have finally missed my period i should have started on the 10th but i didnt ive taken three test and all have came out negitive but im having early signs of being pregnant ive had several dreams i was and my husband even sees a diffrence im my behavor hes gotton really clingy as well

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    whats the earliest they can tell through blood work?? ive gotten pretty excited and so has my husband we have been trying and trying for so long we had about given up
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      I will defiantly let yall know im really praying we get to be a mommy and daddy this time !
        I was always told to wait at least two weeks before doing any at home tests or making any appointments. Periods can be strange sometimes and can be up to a week or so late. I would think I was pregnant and be about a week late, take test after test and all would be negative. Then sure enough, a day or two later I would start my period. I hope all goes well for you! Just try not to over excite yourself or get too stressed out. Both can delay your cycle. I've been there both times lol.
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        hi everyone my name is Karen my husband and I have been trying super hard for a baby and im just not getting pregnant it breaks our hearts it makes us feel like we cant have children can anyone help us ???
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