co sleeping and intimacy or baby in the bed equals no nookie

i co sleep with our daughter. i enjoy the closeness, believe it provides security and a sense of safety along with the other scientific jazz. plus when breast feeding it makes it easy to feed in the middle of the night and have her fall back asleep fast. i have that "mother" instinct and if her breath even quickens i'm up. on the plus side she is a happy baby and falls asleep easily as soon as she hits that boob. downside adult time is far and few between. she is not fond of her bassinet and would rather nap in her bouncer so daytime romps (and short ones alas) are what is called for. but truthfully i am never really in the mood and wonder if my mojo will come back as she gets older. its harder on daddy cuz he wants to be close but the baby is always there or always needs something. he has thrown around the idea of dropping her off at my mothers for us to make a playdate, when if we are dropping her off for a hour or two all i would really want to do is get solid uninterrupted sleep! i had read that breastfeeding kills the vibe, at the moment as long as i get a few kisses here and there i'm good. i get giggles and smiles and cuddles all day long from my Nova! daddy will not be happy if my baby high last a whole year! lol anybody else lose the lust after birth?

    David and I had a good healthy 'bed' relationship throughout my whole pregnancy and then I definitely did not lose it after I gave birth haha. I was anxious for those 6 weeks to be over so we could be together again! Here's the key, I WASN'T breastfeeding and only pumped for 2 weeks (my milk ran out fast. :( )Your man just has to be patient, you are on full mommy mode okay. Even we don't get to have too much together time because Lucas is always awake and wanting to play, but we make time for it at night when Lucas is asleep. If you don't feel like it, then that's fine. He should be understanding!!
      I have a 19 mo old. She's a handful. I have zero interest in sex. even still. But I've learned that no matter how tired and frazzled I am, he is too. we both work full time, have a 13 year old as well so time isn't really much of a friend. I HAVE noticed that when I only refuse sex occasionally, rather than all the time, he's more helpful, more loving in other ways, more attentive. I think since guys equate sex with love and affection, even tho you don't really want to, they need it as much as they want it. I took a cue from a story I read about a super happy family, and just loosely based my decision on it to give in more often, no matter what. It's made a huge difference, and a good one at that. we don't often have more than a few mins, or we are stuck having fun in the shower, so when the hot water's gone, we are done! he doesn't drink as much, engages more with all of us instead of playing video games or just watching random tv as much, he's less snippy, and more creative. I still say no sometimes, and he never takes it well, but that's just him being a guy. as time has passed lately, ive also noticed that the quickies are sweeter, and the rare occasions we have time to, it's better quality and we both feel much closer.
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