Mamas.. who does your baby look like?

You? Dad? Grandma? Grandpa? Uncle? Aunt? A good mix?

Right now.. Monroe looks a TON like my husband.. everyone calls him his "mini me" :) It's cute and I love it.. lately, people think he has my eyes.. and I actually think he favors my Mom a lot in the looks department! It's just fun to see the mix of familiar features for now :) And we pray his baby blue eyes stay! hehe!

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    When I was in child development and along with biology - there were studies that showed all babies resemble the father for at least the first month. Sort of a connection and bonding for the father to find his baby. I'm sure there are better words and descriptions for this. After saying that - my daughter looked EXACTLY like my husband up until she turned three, now she looks like I did when I was four! It's crazy seeing a mini me. As for my first son - he is 100% my husband made over, built like a football player - runs head first and all. Second son - a lot like my side. Very dark complected and red tint to his hair. He is also skinny and very serious. They are all so different. <3
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