So we went outside this evening to go do some work and my husband locked us out of the house! Of course my mom who has a spare key wasn't home but she assured me the key was at her house and dad was home. So we walked over there...Tristen in tow with no mile to her house and one mile back with every single key at her house because she couldn't remember where she put it...none of them were the right key. We called the landlord and half hour later we were in thank God...totally couldn't go cut my friends hair or call her because my phone was in the house...Ughness! ready for seepies! Lol :-)

Oh he loved it! He hummed the whole way to grandmas, got an m&m from pa and hummed all the way back lol plus he got to run outside which he loves.
No need for an iPod! :-)
It was for sure an adventure...nice little unplanned workout for me and daddy! lol
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