I know there is so much debate on this, but I'm okay with it at the proper age. My 3 brothers and I all had it done, even with a belt sometimes when we were even older. Now, my parents didn't smack the hell out of us or anything and didn't whip us with the belt. I good pat on the but or just hard enough for it to hurt a tiny bit, lasting a few minutes tops. My brothers and I never had a problem with it and we don't hate our parents for it. For me, I think I'm going to do the same thing. All my kids will be treated equally and with respect. At younger ages I'm hoping the talking and disciplining will teach them enough that I won't have to spank. At the older ages, if they still act up, I'm going to do what my parents did. Now, I only had the belt once and learned my lesson and never did anything that bad ever again haha. It took my brothers a lot longer to catch on. I have no problem with this form of discipline and neither does my boyfriend. I think the proper amount of force and at the proper age (about 6 and up), it's fine. Of course every parent is different though and different techniques seem to work. :)

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    pro spanking mom here as well
      we are a spanking home, works now,
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