Touching 'the bump.'

So while I was pregnant, my roommate (who's moving out very soon) felt she could just touch my tummy. Yeah, NO! I told her to back off and she like never even looked at me again. (No, not a loss, I don't enjoy her company much anyways.) Just because there's a baby in there does NOT mean you can touch my tummy. Did you want to touch it before you knew there was a baby in there? NO. My future sister in law touched me TWICE and both times I told her to back the fuck off of me. You have NO right to touch me, the only one that has a RIGHT to is David. Even with my maternity pictures that we did with my future mother in law, she asked if we could get bare tummy shots and I said no. The only two people (that aren't my doctor) that should see me bare is me and David. I kept to my rules too. NO ONE saw me. And in the delivery room, no one was there except David. I feel my tummy, my giving birth, and my son coming into the world is a VERY private thing. I wouldn't even let my parents in the room. No. Do not touch my tummy, no one is allowed, apart from this mommy and her baby daddy. No, you can't come to delivery or see my baby right out of my body, that's for this mommy and her baby daddy. No, you can not take pictures of him his first day of life, I will not allow it. Can you with the next baby, do ANY of this? NO!!

Rant. Over. Grrrrrr. Test me; I DARE you.

Some don't care, others do. I'm just very private with my body and no one bothered asking to touch and it really pissed me off. I'm not a mean person, really. Just don't do things without permission or something that you already know you don't like lol. I promise I'm not mean haha. :)
    I understand. I HATED it when somebody wanted to touch my tummy. It's not the baby you're touching, its ME. Get your *insert bad word here* hand off of me. The only person allowed was Trevor, and one other time my mom and our friend Eric. I am not a big touchy-feely person, except to Trevor and Nina, and it bugged me. My mom wanted bare belly pics, too, and it was like NOPE.
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