This is just a little bit of Venting, with a huge side of *sigh*...

Today, Trevor and I were going to have a "date night"...not like our old ones, with a movie and dinner and lovey time, since we have Nina with us and no trusted baby sitters around, but we were going to go out to eat at Applebee's, with Nina, and she's yet to have a problem being out places with people, so we hoped it would go well. After dinner, it would be close to Nina's bed time, so we'd bathe her and get her all tucked in, and then have some lovey time, with a side of chocolate and a wee bit of drinking...or, that was the plan.

The day started off just fine. No complaints there. It started to get bad around noon, when Nina's teeth started hurting (she's growing a new one on bottom, it's still coming in through the gum so it probably hurts a lot), so I decided to run to the store for some formula, toilet paper, and baby Orajel. Simple, right?


I've never before been in a car accident, though Trevor got rammed into from behind by some old drunk lady, once (luckily enough, her running from the scene after giving a fake number and the wrong insurance for her car was enough for her insurance and the cops to decide she had to pay for damages and actually got the car paid off completely!). Now, it was my turn, it seems, to meet the bad driver of the day. I had left Nina at home with Trevor, to make it a quick store I was browsing the Wal-Mart parking lot for a spot, I was in an aisle, a truck in front of me, a car behind. No cars were moving while the truck waited for someone up ahead to pull out of space. Regular parking lot traffic. No biggie. UNTIL some bigass yellow jeep decided to ram itself into "backup" mode, without looking, and rammed into the passenger side of our car! I was shocked, I'd never had that happen before. I was going to get out, to make sure they were ok, and their car wasn't damaged, and to assess the damage to OUR car, but the yellow jeep apparently had no one in the space opposite it, so he/she sped out that way instead, without missing a beat! I got out, and sure enough, there was a big-ass dent in the passenger side, door, and some scratches. The people in front of and behind me all got out to see if I was ok (was just shaky, surprised, but not hurt), but none of us had gotten the license plate of the Jeep, unfortunately. The guys in the truck helped me pop most of the dent back into place and make sure nothing was loose, and that the door still worked, but there's still the scratches and a smaller dent left there. Not really worth paying to repair, but still, to just LEAVE like that, after ramming into me? Just...what the hell, guy?! What if that hadn't been a car, but a person walking behind the jeep? What if I HAD taken Nina with me? Things could have been serious! The rest of the shopping trip was without incident, just my increasingly bad mood about that driver.

After getting home, Nina was soothed by the Orajel, but then she was tired, but absolutely refused to nap, or to sleep, or even to just be happy. She didn't want to be carried, she didn't want to play...she was happy for the duration of her lunch, but then she'd start up again. We decided to let her just sit and fuss for a while. She eventually was civil again, and started her usual playful romping and bouncing around, but she messed up and fell, and bonked her head on Trevor's desk chair, and of course, started crying again. After making sure her head was in tact, no bumps or anything, we decided it was nap time, whether she wanted it or not, so I started to bring her to her crib in our room...had her halfway into the crib when blood started leaking out of her mouth, and I panicked and ran back into the living room with her, and showed trevor, and he panicked, and called 911... ( Long story short, she chomped on her tongue when she bonked her head, and has a gash in her tongue now, that the Paramedics/EMTs said would be fine, as long as we kept an eye on it and kept letting her chew cold frozen teether toys.

So now, it's 6ish pm, neither of us in in the mood to go out anymore. So we just keep Nina soothed, feed her her dinner while being careful about her tongue, and play gently for a while. We're not in the mood to cook, now, either, so I make a quick (thankfully, uneventful) run to the Arby's drive-thru and that's dinner. Nina gets set down for an early bedtime with a frozen-cold pacifier to soothe her to sleep, and we just settle down to game and hang out quietly for the rest of the night before Trevor has to go to bed early because he has work tomorrow morning... Not at all how we wanted today to go.

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