My Marine Wife Story near EAS

I have been a Marine wife for a few years and am lucky to be getting ready to re-enter the civilian world with my husband. It has been a ride, I can tell you that much.

I met my husband when I was 12, so long before he joined the military. I can say for sure that it changes people. Or, if not such a blanket statement, it changed my husband.

There are a lot of strange mannerisms that go on in the military world that aren't acceptable in the civilian world.

For example...

A superior demeaning the wife of a Marine loudly and in her presence...

Telling someone with a broken ankle to suck it up and continue their many hours mountain hike with their hundred pounds of gear.
Angry... No not angry... RAGE filled communication filled with racial slurs, insults on every level, f bombs dropped about every third word... And that's when they are happy (I don't mean my husband, but this is common USMC practice...) When they are angry, way worse. Screaming spit in face style reprimands.

Beating the ever living hell out of one another on birthdays. I don't mean a few slaps. I mean bruises that literally last for months they are so deep. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Anyway... There are nice things we've experienced

We've had wonderful friends who we've spent so much time with they called our home home too.

Neighbors from all over the country who still 'get it' We are all such different people, but we are all so far from our families and dealing with the same struggles that we build our own eclectic little families.

Getting to live interesting places I may have otherwise never experienced from Georgia to SoCal.

And some less fun stuff...
Not being able to get pregnant because hubby is gone all month (not anymore thankfully!)

The loneliness that comes with.moving hundreds of miles from family to a place I know no one and hubby is gone 95% of the time.

Hubby missing basically every single holiday- anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving... Everything.

Missing my family during those times too. A friend from England once ordered me a pizza online one Thanksgiving when I was alone. I saved the receipt I thought it was so sweet.

The worries of being able to fit back in with normal society. The worries of him being called to war. The worries about my family and friends. The worries, period.

But, it has made us strong and given us a ton of experience. His five years are up this month, back to society and family and living a 'real' life again. Freedom to travel, to move, to call in sick. To be respected.

Being a Marine wife isn't an easy job and neither is being a Marine.
Now, if they'll just finish up this process so we can get out of here. One last hurry up and wait and DONE. I'm ready! We both are! :D

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    Trevor's in the Navy, so I'm sure there are differences, but I agree with most all of that. We've only just entered the military life, but while he was away at boot camp, and through all this schooling and training, there have definitely been changes in him that I've had to adjust to. I've heard an officer yelling at him about prioritizing his family and not giving his full loyalty and effort to being a navy man 100%, and I've had an officer tell me to my face that I would never understand or be good enough for this life. I gave him a piece of my mind, and he never confronted me again, but I don't want to be in that situation again, ever! The worry...he graduates from his training finally, at the end of this month and will probably be flown out to his fleet which is deployed right now, so I'm terrified about that, too, but I think it'll be fine...we'll just have to adjust. He's signed up for 6 years, and wants to do the full 20ish to retire, but we'll see how he takes it for these 6 years, first!

    I'm glad you guys are almost done! I hope you enjoy your time, and get to settle down in a great place! Give your husband our thanks for serving!
    I know JUST what you mean about the priorities of family vs military. There's a saying that goes around... "If the Marine Corps wanted you to have a wife, they would've issued you one."

    It'll definitely be an adjustment process, but you'll do just fine! Congrats on sticking up for yourself. A lot of the wives don't... Don't even know how to react in that situation. I don't think anyone really expects that from someone's new coworker unless you're from a military family to begin with.

    Good luck on your journey!!
    Thank you, and Good Luck to you, too!
    LOL That saying...haven't heard it, but I bet the officers here agree 100%! Most of the recruits here are kids fresh out of high school, or older divorced/single guys, so Trevor's kind of an oddity at this base, being in his early 20s and with a family.
    I don't let myself get pushed around, anymore. I used to, but now, being a mommy, I can't let myself be weak like that anymore. I wanna let Nina know that it's ok to stand up for yourself, and not be walked on, even when it's to authority figures. I've seen some military spouses let themselves get walked all over, though, before, and I always hated it. I wouldn't say/do anything that they could actually punish Trevor for, but that won't ever stop me from sticking it to them, when they deserve it!
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      I don't understand it either.... Supposedly 'tradition' but where that tradition started? Who knows. Military is all sorts of weird.
      Lol, you might be right. My husband's definitely a rough-houser... I donno though. The birthday beatings aren't happy guy rough-housing... They gang up on one another and beat them half to death with rifles. :\ Maybe it's just the guy need to take out aggression in stressful environments?
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