My journey with ovarian cysts and fertility...

I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was about 18 after an ultrasound. O went to the doctor over fertility issues and irregular periods. He told me I had multiple cysts and "debris" in my uterus, which I'm still kind of unclear about.

My husband and I didn't prevent for a long time and "tried" for years with no success. I have been off birth control for about 5 years, before which I used multiple forms including pills and the NuvaRing.

I finally conceived last year after drinking Fertilitea which my neighbor recommended to me. I also took Soy isoflavones days 2-7 of my cycle, Evening Primrose oil caplets for a couple weeks, lots and lots of vitamins.

I wanted to try a more natural approach before using prescription medication such as Clomid.

I didn't really expect anything after trying for so long, but I got pregnant that first month and tested positive at about 3.5 weeks.

At my first ultrasound, I got to see baby's heartbeat and was ecstatic. I was dated about 6 weeks, a week less than I suspected.

At what would have been around 12 weeks, I started to bleed. Horrified, I rushed to the naval hospital with my husband.

The place was a sad, sad joke. The nurse told me she heard baby's heartbeat on the Doppler. I asked over and over... Are you sure? I couldn't hear it. She said she was. On the ultrasound we saw no heartbeat, and where baby should have been big enough to be obvious, he didn't seem to be... The nurse assured me that it was old equipment and not to worry.

Here's the real kicker... They were WRONG.

When I went to my obstetrician a few days later, hoping for good news and hopefully finding out the cause of the bleeding... He informed me there was no way.

Baby had died a few days after my first ultrasound... He or she had already begun to... As the doctor so descriptively put it... Decompose. I was offered a D&C which I turned down.

I miscarried the baby naturally. Luckily my mother was in town from VA (in hopes to be present for an ultrasound...) And was very supportive.

I conceived again the next cycle and miscarried once again.

During the initial pregnancy described above, the doctor determined I likely had some for of autoimmune disorder with suspicions of lupus.

I have not conceived since and have not been taking supplements. I would like to first complete this massive life change hubby and I are experiencing (cross country move, him getting out of the military and getting a new job, buying our first home..) And to see a rheumatologist before we go much further.

I'm terrified of being heartbroken again and also of maybe having lupus and not being able to properly support a kid with the vigor I envisioned.

Ovarian cysts and fertility have been a journey for us... One that I hope leads to the blessing of a child.

Til then, thank you ladies for your wonderful support along this path and all the advice you have to give.

One day, I, too, will join the mommyhood ranks. :)

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    /Hugs to you all. Thank you for the support. At least I always have my pals at :)
      I read your story, and I can definitely relate to the infertility and the heart ache. I was diagnosed with multiple polyps and a thick uterine lining. I had irregular periods as well, and when I did have a menstrual flow, it was very light and short. I am 35 and pregnant with my first viable pregnancy. Here is my pregnancy journey in case it's helpful in anyway: followed my naturopath's vitamin & supplement regimen to a "T", I downloaded the book Pregnancy Miracle and followed the recommendations for a healthier lifestyle, had a hysteroscopy & laparoscopy, and 3 months later conceived. The month I conceived I also did a lot of exercise and stayed away from junk food.
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