I need help to take control back

So my kids dont listen and sometimes i wonder if vince is normal cuz he is still such a well behaved baby even at 7months. At his age the older boys were into everything and was in trouble.

But i am struggling with this issues of disciplines of kids. Timeouts- we used to do it on the table with their head dowb but it kept going. So now we do timouts on the bottomn of the basement stairs with no lights on. It seems to work.
Name calling- haiden loves to do it so now for punishment he has to write the words until we say stop.
The older boys cant get along. They never settle down when suppose to. So haidens therpist said seprate them and say its calm down time-
Give blankets and stuffed animals and quite stuff. Done that but it fails.
Logan my middle climbs on everything. He refuses to listen and even after punisment he will go ahead and do same thing and even test.
So i am at a lost when i have tried everything and nothing works.

We have a routine but they like to make up their own. Here is our routine

7am- wake up time, get dressed.
7:15am- breakfast
9am- snack time(haiden is in school by 8am)
9:30-10am- logan quite time as vince takes his morning nap
10-11am- play time if nice out like in summer outside time
11am- inside, while i make lunch.
11:30-12- lunch
12-12:30- cartoon time
12:30-2:45-nap time
3pm- get haiden
3:30-4:30- outside
5pm dinner time
6pm- walk dog
6:30pm homwork and bed time routine starts
7pm- snack
7:30- 8pm- quite time in rooms while i feed vince
8pm- brush teeths, and read stories.
8:30- lights are out.
Haiden is in swim lessons, soccer training, and he now wants to do tball

Logan swim lessons.
    Oh man, that is tough. It sounds like your doing all the right things but maybe something a little bit more visual for them to focus on? I know my aunt had a chalkboard in her kitchen and every time she had to tell her kids to stop doing something she would mark a tally on the board. When it got to three tally's they had to sit facing the wall under the board for a time out (as many minutes as their age). If it got to five tally's they had to be mom's helper for a half hour. If it got to 7 tally's they were grounded and had to spend the rest of the day in their room with no toys or tv, only books.

    If they got through the day without any tally's they got a reward like staying up 5 minutes past bedtime, a treat after dinner, etc.
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