Mom Chooses NOT to be be busy

When this mom's son was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder they took major measures to be LESS busy. They moved, they limit the amount of activities their kids are doing, reduce they stress and busy-ness of their lives. It also talks about how being overly busy just causes more stress.

I couldn't agree more, it seems these days parents want to have their kids in 9 different activities, have a full time job, DO IT ALL. And it's really just unnecessary. We are constantly overwhelming ourselves by forcing ourselves to be 'busy' all the time.

What do you think?

    I started having problems last year, I had way too much going on. We have been trying to get rid of what we can, trying to get help, and cut back what we can. I was working 5 jobs at one point just to get by. I am working much less now but still working multiple jobs. I try to make sure I turn all work off and spend the weekend with my kids now.
      I think it's whatever works for you...I've known some moms who really could do it all, and still have a happy family. I've known some who couldn't keep their family happy as a stay at home mom, or a part time worker. It depends on what you can handle and what support you have. Right now, we're doing perfectly fine with Trevor working and me keeping the house and Nina going well...I do want a part-time job, once she starts going to school...maybe go to work after she leaves for school and be off in time to pick her up. I don't think I could handle a full time job, 2-3 kids, and the house all day every day, not with Trevor's work.
      I agree Jessica! I just cannot imagine all of the activities that some kids are doing they seem scheduled every second of the day! Where is the time to play, to do homework. To sit down and eat as a family! I want holly to experience many different things and play sports/learn music whatever, but I dont want us to be soooo busy we can't just be us. and it can be sooo stressful on the whole family!
      I think it's a bit of both...the moms do it so they can have some away time, while feeling like their kid is improving and learning, lol. That's just my thought on it, though. I think 1 sport or club at a time is probably enough...I remember some kids in middle school and high school who never had time to hang out because they were ALWAYS in one of like 4 club meetings, a sport game/practice, or something else.
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