Pet Fever!

I want...a dog. Now!
We've always had pets in my family, but right now, our little family has yet to get one! Trevor promised that as soon as we can, I can get a dog and he'll get a cat, but it all depends on if he gets flown out to his fleet or not, once we get to Norfolk...if he gets to stay home/at base for this deployment, we're getting a puppy and a kitten. If he has to go, we'll wait til he gets back. I want him home, so we can be happy and he can be with us, but I also want a pet lol!

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      I get pet fever too! I hate it because I always regret it later, as much as I love my pets they are still work. I do not miss those puppy days.

      I hope you are able to get a pet soon.
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