It's probably Gas

Avery would get bad gas every once and a while and she'd let out this very distinct cry/scream. We had 4 things we tried to get rid of it.

1. Burp her either over our shoulder or held upright in our laps. Pat them on the back or rub evenly in an upward motion. Bouncing up and down when they're over your shoulder helps too. This is best for upper gas.

2. Lay the baby on their back and move their legs up and down like their riding a bike. getting their knees up high is the best. you can also take both feet and bend their knees up to their chest. Just hold and rock gently for a few second then release and repeat.

3. Stand up and hold them so their back is resting on your arms, they're facing you, and their legs are up against your chest with their feet towards your chin. Gently curl your arms toward you so they bend in half a bit and walk/bounce around.

4. Hold them on their stomach so their head is in the crook of your arm and your palm is right below their belly button. Rub their back with your other arm or bounce gently. This one always got the toots flying!

Good luck!

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