Grocery Shopping...How Often and What?

I usually go once every two weeks for all of the big, usual stuff. Sometimes, in between shopping days, we'll run out of something and we'll make a quick go for it, but normally it's every two weeks. Between myself, Trevor, and Nina, that's usually fine. I'll probably add more to the list when we get a dog and a cat, but that's not right now.

Our dinners over the weeks are usually typical...Chicken + Broccoli; Trevor's Special Mix that he calls "Hot Rice" and I call "Disgusting Lava Food"; Tacos; Sandwiches; Grilled Cheese; Rotisserie Chicken with Biscuits and Potatoes; Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo; Spaghetti...etc + leftovers.

I'll share my typical 2-week list just for kicks:
Milk + OJ + Lemonade + Pomegranate-Blueberry Juice
Pepper Jack Cheese + Cojack Cheese
Broccoli +Tomatoes + Onions + Potatoes
Green + Red Peppers + Jalapenos + Mini/Cherry Tomatoes
Lettuce + Bananas + Green Apples +Strawberries + Green Grapes
Taco Seasoning/Cheese/Shells/Tortillas
Hamburger + Hamburger Patties + Albacore Tuna Packets
Boneless Chicken Breast + Oven-Roasted Sandwich-Sliced Turkey
Hot Dogs (All beef, no fillers/pesticides)
Hot Dog Buns + Hamburger Buns + Bread
Spaghetti Sauce + Alfredo Sauce
Noodles (Fettuccine, Mostaccioli, and Regular Spaghetti)
Blue Mountain Dew + Coca Cola
Cheetos + Ruffles + Cheese Dip + Spinach Dip
Chocolate Chunk Granola Bars + Rice Krispies Bars
Rotisserie Chicken + Biscuits
Diapers + Wipes + Formula + Various Baby Foods/Snacks
Can of Corn + Can of Mixed Veggies
Pace + Sriracha Chili Sauce + Sour Cream
Cereal of Some Sort + Poptarts...

That's all I can think of, off the top of my head. Every once in a while Brownie Mix is thrown in, or Bacon, or we may need more Eggs, but usually it's pretty much the same.

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