Temper tantrums and autism

When it comes to temper tantrums and autism it may be hard to know the source.

What I do is look for sensory issues, as with Bub this is almost always the culprit. Is the area too bright? Too noisy? Too busy (lots of movement around). Is there a strong smell around (his biggest one)?

Next I look at irritants that don't come from the sensory input. Is he mad about something from school? Did he forget to bring something with him that he needs? Did his french fries fall in the ground (lol, this was yesterday, thankfully no tantrums)?

The best way to handle these situations is to try to help your child learn to verbalize what it is that is bothering them. The hard part is, they may really not know. It may not occur to them that all of the noise is making them feel overwhelmed, instead they may say something like they have a headache.

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    8Theresa Gould
    This is good for those of us who may have a limited knowledge about autism understand an autistic child better. Thanks for sharing.
      Thank you for sharing this is good to know!
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