Early ride times at theme parks.

Is anyone else annoyed by these? You already pay a good amount to get into a theme park. If you pay even more you get to go to the head of the lines. Now, for people with disabilities I see no issue with having this service. But to treat those that won't pay for the ability to hop ahead as second class citizens while taking their money reeks to me.

    Yeah, I think it's fishy too--for regular people, as you mention. I do know it is very helpful for my friend's sister, who has Downs. But there's nothing worse than enforcing a class system on what's supposed to be a carefree day!
      8Theresa Gould
      We haven't been to any theme parks so this really doesn't apply to us.
        We just got back from Disney World and I was pretty frustrated that the lines took foreverrrr. We ended up swimming at the hotel and napping during the day and headed to the park in the evening - when most families were heading home. We had oodles of fun staying cool out of the sun and not waiting too too much! I'd reccommend that schedule to anyone considering going to a major theme park!
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