Melatonin and children

I would talk to your pediatrician before using melatonin for any child. There have been studies that show children are more susceptible to night terrors and sleep walking when using melatonin. While it can be useful it should NOT be used without your pediatrician discussing it with you first.

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    My gut reaction is no, so I would agree and definitely ask a pedi. I'm also not at the point where I'm searching for something to work, like I can understand moms being. A doctor would really know best--great advice, Melissa.
      8Theresa Gould
      I agree, but I'm also the kind of mom who will try alternative "medicine" before calling the doctor. That's just me though. Comes from years of not having insurance and having to figure out alternatives.
        Talk to your pediatrician. Any medicaion, natural or not should be talked about
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