15 and want a baby, how to talk to parents.

I read this title and thought "OH BOY" because I have a 15 year old. So, I am going to answer this topic based on being the parent in this situation.

If my 15 year old came to me and said she wanted to have a baby I would talk to her to find out why. I would listen and then try to figure out how to help her understand what it means to be a parent, realistically. I would encourage her to strive for goals that would help her to be a parent in the future, when she could be financially and emotionally responsible for raising a child. But in no way would I encourage her to TTC at age 15.

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    On the flip side, if my daughter wanted a baby at age 15, I would be so relieved that she came to me first.

    I agree that 15 is too early to TTC. Full disclosure: I have a cousin who is 16, and her daughter is three months younger than mine. I have watched what it has done to her life, and I have thought my own thoughts, being settled and pregnant at 28 as I was, so if one is 15 and a baby seems like the answer, find a parent or someone to trust and talk it out.
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      Yeah, I would discourage it for sure but like your approach.
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