Game of Thrones, any fans here? (spoiler alert)

I am a self professed GoT addict! So far I haven't watched any of this season, I use On Demand and watch them when I have time. I'm almost done reading a Dance With Dragons, which has been kind of boring.

So, who do you think will end up on the throne? Will Tommen stay or will it be Stannis or Danerys?

Who is your favorite character? I love Sansa and Tyrion, but not together. I wish there were more Sansa chapters in this book but Tyrion has had quite a presence in this one.

I'm going to throw out a wild card and say Jon Snow is going to end up on the throne. It's just a gut feeling. It will have something to do with his birth mother's lineage though, IMO.

    8Theresa Gould
    I don't even recognize this show. Am I missing something great?
      What exactly is the show about? Is it a period piece? I noticed it is on paid cable so i worry about content
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