New critters

We made the decision to invest in a heifer (young cow who has not had a calf). We actually bought Miss Moo's daughter. We named her Comet, since her Mom's name is really Eclipse. It's like having another 2-3 year old! She's very skittish since she has only been with her herd since she was weaned. She's slowly getting better. If Miss Moo cannot be bred then we'll be guaranteed having one of her calves with this heifer.

Then our son's lamb came home with a loaner companion and of course the children all want to keep the loaner too. Below is a photo of Juno, our lamb and Oopsie. Our son's second lamb won't be ready until 4/28.

New crittersNew critters
8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
    I love the farm life, lots of hard work. But so rewarding. I hope to have a small one in the future!
    8Theresa Gould
    That it is, Paige! There's always something to do! It isn't without its risks either when you are first starting out and wanting to build a business from it.
      Wow... what a crew!
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