What do real contractions feel like???? I can't say that I have actually had them because I have had c-sections before my due date. Can anyone shed some light??

    8Theresa Gould
    Katie posted a good description of them here:…
    I hope this post I made is helpful. There is such a huge range of what women feel. I think describing them as really bad menstrual cramps is pretty close.
      Ah.. contractions.. I surely had them :) Although Katie described them as mainly being felt in the back and belly.. I would disagree, at least for me! Mine felt like the most God awful cramps.. but like everything was going to come out from the pressure.. I cannot even describe how bad they hurt before we got to the hospital.. I couldn't walk or talk through them.. I was starting to feel like I could vomit.. and they were just these waves of intense pain and pressure all at once.. ah!
        They feel like your belly is tightening and going to burst ... then all of a sudden that feeling goes away only to begin a few minutes later... or at least that is my take on it!
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