i need advise

i spoke with the doctor about covering me up a bit during labor so when my mom be with me I will feel okay . I know she can do that bc my friend had a baby and she delivered her baby and she covered her , and nurses athospital said if iI ask then they ca. Do it ... but doctor told me today that she can't do it .
- this Is my mom first grandbaby . And she so exited she can't stop buying things and telling people about how happy she is . But today during lunch I told her that I can't be covered up and I won't feel comfy with her seeing me with my legs open , so if that be okay if she vaited in the hall way ... she said yes while her eyes got watery.

I feel so bad

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      My mom can't watch that type of stuff otherwise she'll get sick. She stood by my head the whole time. Anytime I would push, she helped me lift my head up and supported it for me. She couldn't see a thing. And honestly that is the last thing you are thinking about during the time, even if you have an epidural. You just want everything to be done and over with and you are so anxious to finally meet you little one. I would say wait until you are in the hospital and see how you feel. You might change your mind you might not. Don't make any finale choices now, nothing it set in stone, everything can be changed at anytime.
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