...it's so true!

I think this can be true for any family dynamic!

Healthy Mom.. Happy Family :)

I take pride in staying fit, exercising, eating right.. all those things combine to make ME feel good.. which in turn makes ME happier being a Mom! I realize I am only 9 weeks into this crazy life.. but it really is true.. even taking 10 minutes to do my barre3 exercises leaves me happier, in a better mood and willing to go the extra mile and not lose my temper as much.. it's such a game changer!

I firmly believe that babies and kids pick up on the parents mood and behaviors and how they react to life in general.. when Mom and Dad are healthy, taking care of themselves.. they are better parents and thus making the babies and kiddos happier!

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    You are a wonderful mama!
      Sounds like great advice! I need to eat healthier in my life and i know my children do too... we will try and make this our new goal!
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