feeling so stressed out.

I know it's not good for my pregnancy but I just keep stressing. I just need to get away. Tomorrow my husband is taking me to get a prenatal massage. I hope that works.

    Right now we're staying with my mom until we get our own place and plus my sister is too and she has a lot of kids and the house is always loud. I'll do anything for some piece and quiet. I'm just tired of the noise and my mom is too.
      Is there something you can do each day or somewhere you can go each day to get a little break and do some relaxing? Read a book, take a bath, go for a walk, go sit in a park, etc? Try practicing some relaxation techniques, they can help reduce your stress now and they are great for labor.
        Oh how lovely of him to do that for you! I always wanted to get one ... but never went. Our hospital even gave out free ones at a local health club but again I never went...I really should have! Enjoy your time!
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