..kind of baby bag!

Mamas.. what KIND/TYPE of baby bag works for you?

I ask because I have one I loveeee, totally wanted PRE baby.. I wear it over my shoulder.. but POST baby.. I realize a cross body bag is going to be so handy in not killing my arm when I am out and about!

So what works for you?

- shoulder?
- cross body?
- messenger?
- back pack?

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      I hate carrying a bag and try to avoid it as much as possible, I also try to avoid bringing unnecessary items. I usually have two bags, one with extras that I can leave in the car and one with essentials that I bring in with me. I usually use a purse with handles that can go on my arm or in my hand.
        I was not too much into where it went on my body as to what it could do for me... was it big enough? could it hold all my stuff, did it have good compartments??? That cinched the deal for me!
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