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We use the target brand formula. We were using the comfort one (Orange) and switched to the Gentle one (Purple) It has all the same "stuff" in it that the expensive formulas have its just cheaper and has a more in it. Our son does wonderful on it. He has been on formula since he was 2 weeks old. Nursing/pumping didn't work for us his latch was really bad and he was/is a really hard sucker... ha ha I do recommend the up and up formula to my friends. Just remember all babies are different and what works for one doesn't always work for the other.

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I really like the Up & up. I can get 2lbs for $24! you can look on the container and it will tell you what its compared to. If you are using Similac or Enfamil gentle then use the Up and Up Gentle one (Purple) That's what my son uses. He had bad tummy aches and gas and lots of throwing up. Since we switched him to the up and up from the Similac that we got from the hospital is was a totally different happy baby.

When you do switch ask you DR how to do it. I had a friend tel me for a 4 oz bottle to put one scoop of the old formula and one scoop for the new formula, do that for at least 2 days... then gradually give him more of the new formula till he is on it 100% It took us 5 days to get our lil man on the up and up, and another week (a few weeks later) to get him on to the different up and up formula. (We went form the orange to the purple one) He's a happy baby on the purple up and up formula :) Good luck hope your lil man likes the up and up.
    I agree that all babies are different. I love Target brand products, the quality is always good.
      This is good to know!
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